Desiree Bounds blocks an attacking Golden Eagle while dribbling toward the basket Saturday, Feb. 3. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Lady Cougars defeat rivals at home

The Lassen Community College women’s basketball team treated the Feather River College Golden Eagles to a brutal beat down in the Cougar den Saturday, Feb. 3. The ladies on both sides of the court worked tirelessly for the win, and ultimately, the Cougars were able to swat the Golden Eagles from the sky with a final score of 70-61.

Shayla Carrier started the Cougars off strong with a basket less than two minutes into the game. Less than 20 seconds later, Maddie Camacho followed Carrier’s success with a layup before the Golden Eagles even stood a chance with the ball.

Feather River kept confident on the court, however, as they scored their first basket with seven minutes and 42 seconds remaining of the quarter.

Gracie McCoy kept the Golden Eagles within the realms of reality with a two-point field goal at 7:13, but the Golden Eagles were desperate for their dreams of victory to come true.

Between minute three and minute five, the Golden Eagles truly took flight as three free throws and two baskets launched them to the lead with a score of 9-6 on the board.

With 3:55 remaining, Carrier took a stand for the Lady Cougars with a free throw, but Feather River quickly responded with a three-pointer to mute the Cougar success.

Carrier then shot two good free throws at 3:22, but the Golden Eagles repeated their previous play and brought in another three points for Feather River.

Camacho attempted to put an end to the Golden Eagle streak with a three-pointer of her own, but Feather River was quick to compensate with two two-point field goals to end the quarter ahead 19-12.

Shayla Carrier gives a quick pass to a teammate during the first half of the home game against rival team, the Feather River College Golden Eagles. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Feather River attempted to keep their success going with a two-point field goal to start the second quarter, but a misstep resulted in a missed shot and Brynn Winters was quick to pick up the rebound. Winters passed down court to Jocelyn Gandara who quickly delivered a layup with 9:43 on the clock.

Ninety seconds later, Lassen added another two points to their score courtesy of a basket by Desiree bounds. Then, after a Golden Eagle basket, Gandara was back in the spotlight with a basket and good free throw to follow.

Feather River again responded with a two-point field goal of their own, but all attempts to thwart the Cougar train failed.

Camacho hit another good basket for the orange and black team at 7:11. Then, after witnessing McCoy steal the ball and sprint back down the court for a layup, Camacho kept the Cougar streak going with a three-pointer at 6:05 to successfully nab the lead from Feather River.

The Golden Eagles contributed a total of four good free throws by the time the second quarter was halfway finished in order to once again take control of the lead 27-26.

Though Feather River put out a lot of effort on the free throw line to regain the lead, the Golden Eagles didn’t stay golden for long as Justice Akins was quick to hit a basket and follow with a good free throw.

Feather River tied up the score 29-all with a basket at 3:03, but the Cougars were yet to finish exchanging blows.

Carrier scored a two-point field goal as the clock neared two minutes, but the Golden Eagles responded with a basket 30 seconds later.

Clearly annoyed by the on-court battle, Carrier finally took matters into her own hands and scored another two-point field goal and a three-pointer to end the half with Lassen leading 36-31.

The second half started with three points gained by the Golden Eagles via basket and free throw, but the effort was quickly dismissed as Camacho hit a layup and free throw seven seconds after Feather River.

The Golden Eagles grew visibly impatient and started throwing punches on the court, but Gandara was eager to throw some right back. Between the second and fourth minute of the quarter, Feather River scored two baskets and Gandara responded to both with a two-point field goal of her own.

McCoy then backed up Gandara with a basket at 6:45, which resulted in an angry Golden Eagle shooting and making a three-pointer at 5:48.

Winters was next to score for the Cougars with two good free throws bringing the home team to a 47-41 lead. Then, after Camacho stole the ball from a Golden Eagle and passed it down court, McCoy sunk a hook shot to really turn up the heat.

With 2:20 remaining of the quarter, Camacho scored another two-point field goal for the Cougars. Less than a minute later, Carrier brought herself back into the spotlight with a basket after a jump ball.

Feather River had the last laugh of the quarter with a basket at 31 seconds, but the Cougars couldn’t help but chuckle as they entered the final quarter with a 10-point lead.

Carrier used a hook shot to start quarter four off right, and then she followed with a good free throw to further ruffle the Golden Eagle feathers at 7:35.

Feather River copied Carrier’s success with a hook shot of their own and two good free throws by the time the clock hit six minutes.

A pass down court from Carrier to Gandara resulted in a basket for Lassen with 5:30 on the clock. Soon afterward, Carrier followed up with another two-point field goal for the Cougars.

The Golden Eagles added three points to their score with a basket and free throw, and once the clock hit the final three and a half minutes, Feather River added another two points to their score via field goal.

Gandara and Camacho each scored a good free throw prior to a couple Golden Eagle baskets. Then, with less than two and a half minutes remaining of the game, Gandara sunk another free throw and followed with a two-point field goal to bring the score to 65-58, Lassen.

With 30 seconds remaining, Feather River hit one good free throw and Lassen’s Camacho and Gandara each followed with two good free throws of their own.

In the final 10 seconds of the game, Feather River landed a final basket to bring their point tally to 61, and Lassen’s Camacho couldn’t help but hit a free throw immediately after to bring the Cougars to 70 points.

The Lady Cougars accepted the victory with pride as they sent the Golden Eagles back to their nest.