Taylor Knecht catches the softball with ease after the batter misses the pitch and earns a strike. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Lady Cougars win three of four

From Friday, March 17 to Sunday, March 19, the Lassen College softball team traveled to Gavilan, California and Aptos, California to take on Gavilan College and Cabrillo College, respectively.

The Cougars won both Gavilan games with scores of 8-0 and 3-1. They then won the first game against Cabrillo with a score of 5-3, but the Cabrillo Seahawks won the second game 14-5.

In the first game against the Gavilan Rams, the Lady Cougars made eight runs from 11 hits.

Lassen scored their first four runs during the top of the first inning, and the ladies finished off with two runs in the fifth and in the sixth innings.

Two runs were made by Garyn Harlan. Kennedy Ford, Alyssa Jones, Aleah Dela Cruz, Julisa Rodriguesz, Taylor Knecht and Shandell Gemmel each scored one run.

During the game, Gemmel hit one double, Brittany Chamberlain hit a triple and both Ford and Knecht stole bases.

Lassen’s defense was headed by Dela Cruz who pitched an entire six innings. She gave up only six hits and did not give up any walks or runs. Dela Cruz struck out five batters and faced a total of 25 batters in the game.

Gavilan put up a bit more of a fight for the second game and ended up postponing Lassen runs until the seventh inning. Additionally, the Rams managed to score one run of their own before the game’s end.

Knecht, Harlan and Gemmel were the three Lady Cougars to score.

Sabrina Jones and Haley Crowson both hit a double during the game, and Garyn Harlan hit a triple. Knecht sent the crowd into a frenzy in the seventh inning by hitting a homerun.

Knecht, Gemmel and Sabrina Jones each were responsible for an RBI.

Rodriguez, Harlan and Jones each stole a base in the duration of the game.

The second Gavilan game saw both Sabrina Johnson and Dela Cruz on the mound.

Johnson pitched the first five and two-thirds innings of the game She gave two hits and three walks. She saw 22 batters in total.

Dela Cruz finished off the game by pitching one and one-third innings. She gave one hit and one run. She also struck out one and faced a total of six batters.

The Lady Cougars then faced the Cabrillo Seahawks on March 19 with a doubleheader.

Lassen started out on top and refused to give up from the get-go.

The game ended with a 5-3 Cougar win on the board, and the first three points for Lassen were made in the second inning.

The Seahawks caught up and tied with the Cougars after scoring one run in the fifth inning and two runs in the seventh, but Lassen secured the victory with two runs in the eighth inning.

Dela Cruz, Knecht, Harlan, Sabrina Jones and Chamberlain each scored a run for the orange and black team.

Gemmel was the only player to hit a double throughout the duration of the game.

Knecht, Gemmel and Chamberlain were responsible for the RBIs, and Knecht, Alyssa Jones and Chamberlain were each able to steal a base.

Dela Cruz pitched the full eight innings and only gave up four hits and three runs. She also struck out 7 batters and faced a total of 30 throughout the game.

Game two against Cabrillo was a much more challenging match for the Lady Cougars as the score was called with a 13-5 Cabrillo score by the end of the fifth inning.

Lassen started off strong with two runs at the top of the first inning. The Lady Cougars then scored one run in the second, third and fourth inning to bring their total to five runs.

While Cabrillo started the bottom of the second inning with a 3-0 disadvantage, they immediately turned the tables and left the second inning with five runs under their belts.

Cabrillo continue to succeed until the games end with one run scored in inning three, six in inning four and one in inning five.

Lassen’s five points were scored by Alyssa Jones, Dela Cruz, Rodriguez and Sabrina Jones.

Alyssa Jones, Knecht and Sabrina Jones were responsible for the RBIs with Knecht brining in three of the five.

Alyssa Jones stole one base and Dela Cruz stole two throughout the duration of the five innings.

Johnson was the sole Cougar to take on the mound and pitched to 33 batters. She gave 11 hits, 13 runs, eight errors and four walks in total.