Lady Grizzlies bury the Yreka Miners

The Lassen High School Lady Grizzlies basketball team opened league play at home Friday, Jan. 10 against the Yreka Lady Miners. The Lady Miners didn’t stand a chance and fell 54-28 against the Lady Grizzlies.

The Lady Grizzlies’ Friday home game opened to an amazing first quarter over the Lady Miners. The Lady Grizzlies took the tip off; then Caitlyn Crosby was able to start the Lady Grizzlies off with a three pointer.

Crosby brought down the hammer for the Lady Grizzlies’ offense scoring a whopping 13 points in the first quarter against the Lady Miners. Hannah Langenhorst brought in a solid performance as well against the Lady Miners adding seven points onto the board.

With some back up from Chelsea Williams and Hailey Mena, the Lady Grizzlies pulled out a 26-5 first quarter over the Lady Miners.

The Lady Miners brought their defense in the second quarter. However, they were still unable to bring any offense to the table and so failed to slow the Lady Grizzlies’ scoring dramatically.

But the Lady Grizzlies through a team effort put up eight points and kept the Lady Miners to a six point quarter. This put the Lady Grizzlies well ahead of their visiting competitors at 34-11 going into the half.

The third quarter was another success for the Lady Grizzlies, with Ronnie Merrill taking a strong charge of the offense, with a sneaky layup, then a three pointer to set the stage. Mena and Langenhorst brought up the rear, but in the final minutes Merrill’s aggressiveness would lead to a string of fouls by the Lady Grizzlies. Despite the fouls, they would keep the lead at 46-16.

In the final quarter the Lady Miners were finally able to bring in some true offense; however, it was too little to late. The Lady Miners were able to shoot 12 points over the Lady Grizzlies’ eight points bringing the final score to 54-28.

Crosby led the Lady Grizzlies’ attack, scoring 13 points, seven rebounds and five steals. Merrill came in just one point shy at 12 points, two rebounds and two steals.

The Lady Grizzlies took West Valley Tuesday, Jan. 14, but the results were unavailable at press time. Look for the results in the Tuesday, Jan. 28 issue of the Lassen County Times.