J.V. Mila Knezevich prepares a serve against Central Valley at home Tuesday, Sept. 25.

Lady Grizzlies lure Falcons into The Cave

Tuesday Sept. 25, Lassen Grizzlies volleyball hosted Central Valley for an intense contest. Following freshman girl’s unfortunate loss in the beginning of the night, J.V. came in to avenge the loss with a 2-1 win. After J.V. shook up the competition, varsity came in to take advantage in a 3-0 win to send Central Valley back home to reevaluate how to play against grizzlies.

J.V. Grizzlies had an explosive game to precede the varsity girls.
Playing all three sets, J.V. came in down into the first set to a deficit set by Central Valley. The J.V. Grizzlies brought it back after a seven point streak with Autry Satica making two huge blocks to help finish the set.

The second set brought a close set for J.V. girls. The score coming to 24-19 for Central Valley, the Grizzlies responded with a five-point streak to close the gap to 24-24. They had to go into the two-point gap and Central Valley was able to squeeze out the win in the second set.
Grizzlies took hold of the third set by way of a three-point start. Central Valley used one of their time outs to reassess their approach, which helped them to the 8-8 mark. The Grizzlies played an exceptional final set ending it at 15-13 for J.V. Grizzlies to win.

Varsity came with the same ferocity barely giving Central Valley a chance.
The first set ended in a huge shortfall for Central Valley in 25-10, which continued into the second set for varsity Grizzlies with a comparable score of 25-11. The third set had Central Valley at least attempting to fight against the Grizzlies which still proved futile as varsity took the win at a 25-22 score.

The game showed some impressive plays by varsity in their short contest against the Central Valley Falcons. Ellie Stewart coming out with ten points, and nine kills, Jamie Larson backing those up with 5 kills. A huge assist game by Allyza Andrade with 14 assists total.
Tuesday Sept. 14 saw the Varsity Grizzlies win at Yreka in 5 sets. Brittney Patton had 32 receptions and eight kills. Paige Martin scored 12 points with Ellie Stewart backing that up with eight points, ten kills and eight blocks. As usual Allyza Andrade with high assists at 17 total.

They were at West Valley two days later on Thursday Sept. 20. The Grizzlies won in three sets. Third set proved a tough match up when the Grizzlies were down by seven against West Valley 18-11. Brittney Patton served eight straight to put the Grizzlies at 19-18. The team brought it to extra- points finishing at 27-25.

The Grizzlies volleyball played at Anderson on Thursday Sept. 27 and at home against U-Prep on Tuesday Oct. 2. Results were not available at press time.