Lindsey Cardanas receives the serve by Modoc, during the Tuesday, Aug. 27 home game.

Lady Grizzlies scare the Modoc Braves back home

The Lassen Lady Grizzlies volleyball team took on the visiting Modoc Braves Tuesday, Aug. 27 where the Lady Grizzlies put down the Braves in three straight sets.

Lady Grizzlies started with a strong three-point lead, but as the set progressed the Braves made a comeback. But due to the defensive coverage of Kelli Walsh on the net, spiking the ball into the Braves’ no coverage zones, the first set was won 25-20.

Again the Lady Grizzlies led the second set, but Modoc stepped up their game leading late into the set.

Walsh was again instrumental at the net along with Alice Li, the Lady Grizzlies defensive specialist, who played a huge part later in the set helping to get the points needed when the round went to extra points giving the Lady Grizzlies 26-24 over Modoc before moving into the final set.

The Lady Grizzlies didn’t mess around going into the final set taking an early lead and with Lindsay Cardanas and Li on the net. The set ended 25-15 giving a straight three round win for the Lady Grizzlies.

The Lady Grizzlies followed the Modoc game with an unfortunate string of losses. The first was against Foothill at home where the Lady Grizzlies pulled out a strong first set, only losing by two points, but couldn’t keep up with Foothill in the subsequent sets.

The Lady Grizzlies then faced off against their rival Chico at the High Sierra Tournament in Reno, Nevada where they took a 2-0 loss against the rival school.

Following the game against Chico the Lady Grizzlies faced Damonte Ranch, the local team, where they again faced a 2-0 loss. They then ended the tournament against Ponderosa High School where they finished the tourney in a 2-0 loss.

The Lady Grizzlies then hit the road to North Valley High School in Reno, Nevada Thursday, Sept. 5.

Results were unavailable at press time but look for the results in the Tuesday, Sept. 17 issue of the Lassen County Times.