Caitlyn Crosby runs the ball down the court with Ronnie Merrill keeping up waiting for the pass Wednesday, Jan. 29. Photo by Brian Walters

Lady Grizzlies sink Falcons at Winterfest

Friday, Jan. 24 the Lassen High School Lady Grizzlies took on the U-Prep Lady Panthers where the Lady Grizzlies brought their “A” game and defeated the Lady Panthers 72-39.

After a two-week delay due to weather, the Lassen High School Lady Grizzlies and the Central Valley Lady Falcons basketball teams met Wednesday, Jan. 29 for the penultimate game at this year’s Winterfest.

The Lady Grizzlies dropped the hammer against the visiting Lady Falcons, defeating them 56-24.

The Lady Panthers started the game winning the tip-off then getting the scoreboard warmed up with a three pointer in the first minute of the first quarter.
But Lady Grizzly Caitlyn Crosby was waiting to respond to whatever the Lady Panthers would put up, starting with a quick two-point lay up, and then a game tying three pointer.

Despite the fast paced Lady Panthers, the Lady Grizzlies’ shot accuracy led them to finish the first quarter leading 15-10.  Lady Grizzly Hannah Langenhorst led the charge offensively scoring six points in the first few minutes of the second quarter.

Then the Lady Grizzlies made a concerted team effort and kept the score gap widening in the second quarter, 39-25.

The third quarter was another explosive quarter for the Lady Grizzlies with Ronnie Merrill and Crosby running the Lassen offense; however, Tristen Struthers entered and was able to help push the dynamic duo of Merrill and Crosby further where they ran roughshod over the Lady Panthers before the fourth and final quarter.

By the start of the fourth quarter, the Lady Grizzlies had dwindled the Lady Panthers to a modicum of the team they were in the first quarter. Between Crosby, Merrill, Mena, and Langenhorst, the Lady Grizzlies put away a final quarter score of 14 points, while holding the Lady Panthers to just six points.
Crosby led the Lady Grizzlies’ scoring with 23 points, with Langenhorst and Mena following each scoring 14 points.

Central Valley
The Lady Grizzlies’ offense wasted no time after winning the tip off, with Hailey Mena putting up a three pointer to start things off. Then Crosby and Ronnie Merrill took over the Lady Grizzlies’ offense keeping the Lady Falcons scoreless until only two minutes were left in the first quarter.

But Mena would finish the first quarter for the Lady Grizzlies, stealing a pass from the Falcons to run it down in the final seconds for a no contest lay up, putting the Lady Grizzlies at 15-2 over the Lady Falcons.

The second quarter saw a more adjusted Lady Falcons, as far as defense went at least, while their offense was led entirely by their captain McKenzie Cassingham.

But Crosby led the Lady Grizzlies’ offense in the second quarter, scoring 10 of the 14 points made by the Lady Grizzlies. This widened the score gap to a 20-point difference leading into the half with the Lady Grizzlies ahead 29-9.

The Lady Grizzlies started the third quarter fast and aggressive with Chelsea Williams sneaking to the post for a quick basket. The Lady Falcons’ Cassingham attempted to pull her team back from the brink, but as the third quarter went on, the Lady Falcons’ morale began to fade, and they entered the final quarter at 43-20 behind the Lady Grizzlies.

Entering the final quarter, Lady Grizzly Grace Gatie was pivotal in their end game plan, where she scored, assisted at the rebound and managed a crowd roaring steal where she passed it off to Merrill for a defenseless lay up.

The Lady Falcons couldn’t make a strong move in the final quarter, only making two baskets ending the game 56-24 behind the Lady Grizzlies.