Maddie Hampton, right, dribbles into the key while teammate Ava Steele keeps an attacking Panther at bay. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Lady Grizzlies split at home

The Lassen High School varsity girls’ basketball team hosted the Anderson Cubs and the U-Prep Panthers for a couple intense league matches Friday, Jan. 19 and Tuesday, Jan. 23, respectively.

The Friday night game against the Cubs resulted in a six-point loss for the Lady Grizz team as the score reached 62-56, Anderson, by the final buzzer.

However, Lassen utilized the frustration gained from the Anderson game to serve up a complete annihilation against the U-Prep Panthers. The final score of 53-38 favoring the home team was more than enough to restore faith in the talented purple and gold team.

During the Anderson game, Ellie Stewart was the top scorer with 19 points to her credit. Stewart had 10 rebounds, four steals and three blocks.

Shelby Anderson uses the space around her to block the impeding U-Prep Panther from the ball during the home game Tuesday, Jan. 23. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Maddie Hampton was next on the board with 18 points brought in for the Grizzlies; she hit two three-pointers, three rebounds and one assist.

Shelby Anderson and Lainey Nevis each brought in six points for the home team. Anderson hit two three-pointers and five rebounds. Lainey Nevis made four assists, two steals and two blocks.

Though it was a loss, the game against Anderson High was close and thus showed great effort from both teams.

Lassen was eager for another shot to prove themselves at home, however, so the next unfortunate victim to fall prey to Lassen was the U-Prep Panther team Jan. 23.

The Grizzlies started hard on the court and refused to let up at all. By the end of the first quarter, Lassen was in the lead 9-7.

The Panthers were desperate for a taste of the lead, however, and with a good three-pointer early on in the second quarter, they got their wish as the score hit 10-9, U-Prep.

The Panther lead didn’t last long, however, as Hampton had other plans.

With 4:47 remaining of the first half, Hampton hit a basket. Stewart followed with a basket 20 seconds later, and after a Panther three-pointer interrupting Grizzly success, Hampton hit two free throws and another two-point field goal to bring Lassen to a 17-13 lead.

U-Prep hit another three-pointer to earn their final three points of the half at 1:48, but a basket by Anderson and a pair of three-pointers by Hampton diminished any impression of Panther success with ease. The final score of the first half was 25-16, Lassen.

U-Prep attempted to get back on the right foot in quarter three with a good free throw to start, but Stewart replied with a pair of good free throws.

In the span of 60 seconds, Lassen gained six points via two-point field goals from Jamie Larson and Ava Steele and a couple good free throws from Hampton. U-Prep bumped up their score by four points with two-point field goals.

Hampton then continued riding the Grizzly success train with a layup and after a pair of good free throws from Steele, U-Prep again attempted to derail the purple and gold with some free throws.

A basket from Larson ended the Grizzly success for quarter three to bring the purple and gold tally to 39 points.

After Larson hit the final Lassen basket for the quarter, U-Prep landed two more baskets to bring themselves within an 11-point range of the lead.

Hannah Wallace was first to score in the final quarter with a basket at 6:39.

Steele then took on the free throw line to earn another point for the Grizzlies at 6:11.

Then, as if 14 points wasn’t enough of a lead, Dani Nevis bumped up Lassen’s score by another two points via layup.

U-Prep then followed with a three-pointer at 4:22, but Anderson responded with a three-pointer of her own as the shot clock buzzed.

U-Prep advanced by four points as the clock entered the final two minutes, but the effort still wasn’t enough to take the lead.

With a basket by Anderson and another by Larson in the books, the final score of the game was called at 53-38 favoring the Lassen High School ladies.