Ava Steele bypasses a Sutter Husky with ease at home. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Lady Grizzlies wipe floor with Sutter in playoffs

The Lassen High School varsity girls’ basketball team made their way into playoffs after completing the Northern Athletic League with a 6-4 record.

Seeded second of 12, Lassen’s first playoff game was actually in the round two bracket against Sutter High School Thursday, Feb. 22.

While the game initially promised to be interesting as the Sutter Huskies managed to beat U-Prep in round one of playoffs with a score of 27-23, the lack of action seen from the Huskies against Lassen was disappointing to say the least.

The final score of the home playoff game was 65-35, Lassen.

Jamie Larson braces for the wall of Husky defense as she nears the key during the first quarter of the home playoff game against Sutter. Photo by Ashley Grogan

The Lady Grizzlies established a strong lead in the first quarter of the game; one that would only grow as the game continued.

The board red 23-9 by the sound of the quarter one buzzer with Sutter’s nine points credited to three two-point field goals and one three pointer.

The Grizzlies, on the other hand, saw two baskets and a couple free throws from Ellie Stewart, two layups from Lainey Nevis, two three-pointers and a couple free throws from Maddie Hampton, a free throw from Ava Steele and a basket resulted from a jump ball by Jamie Larson.

Upon noting that the purple and gold team had nearly tripled the visiting Huskies’ score in the first quarter, Lassen decided to take it easy for the start of quarter two.

In the second quarter, Sutter joined the double-digit club with two two-point field goals and a free throw.

Lassen’s Hampton started and finished the quarter with a three-pointer. Lainey Nevis hit one layup toward the end of the quarter and Stewart contributed one rebound and four free throws to ultimately bring the score to 37-14 by halftime.

During the third quarter, Sutter bumped up their score by eight points and Lassen responded with a 15-point gain.

At the start of the quarter, Lainey Nevis put in a two-point field goal. Stewart followed with a rebound, and after Steele sunk a free throw, Stewart was back in the spotlight with another basket.

Midway through the quarter, Jamie Larson put in a two-point field goal and Hampton hit a layup.

Then, to finish off the quarter, Hannah Wallace entered the game and hit two two-point field goals back to back to bring Lassen’s point tally to 52.

The final quarter saw the greatest show of effort from the Huskies as they bumped up their tally by 13 points via five two-point field goals and a three-pointer.

Though the Huskies put in a decent show of effort, Lassen refused to shy away from the limelight.

With a layup from Steele, an interception and a layup from Lainey Nevis, one basket from Stewart, two free throws from Dani Nevis and a free throw from Grace Memmott, the Grizzlies sat on top of a 61-35 lead.

Then, in the final moments of the game, Memmott made the split decision to sink the final basket of the game.

The final score was 63-35, Lassen.