Becca May takes on the challenge of a slight incline while golfing at the Lassen High School host meet at the Diamond Mountain Golf Course. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Lady Grizzly golf tops charts at home match

The Grizzly girls golf team hosted an 18-hole match against students from U-Prep, Anderson, Mount Shasta, West Valley and Yreka high schools Thursday, Sept. 21 at the Diamond Mountain Golf Course.

As hosts, the Grizzlies politely supported the golfers of other schools, but ultimately annihilated them in the final placing for the day.

Lassen finished on top with a first-place stroke tally of 307 gathered from the top five Lassen golfers of the day.

Lassen’s first place finisher was Kendall Loflin with a stroke tally of 54. In second place was Emily Carter with 58 strokes.

Becca May earned third for the Grizzlies with 61 strokes. Bailee Rivington finished fourth with 63 strokes. Fifth place was awarded to Maddie Green with 71 strokes, and Rilee McCart finished with a total of 76 strokes recorded.

The team total of 307 strokes earned the Grizzlies a total of six points to go toward the season record, thus securing them a spot in the tie for second place overall with Yreka High School. Both second-place schools have a total of 13 points for the season and are second only to Anderson, which currently holds a total of 15 points.

Second place for the Sept. 21 event was the Yreka team with a team tally of 310. The top Yreka golfer finished with a stroke tally of 44.

Third for the day was Anderson with a team tally of 314. Their top golfer finished with 46 strokes recorded.

Fourth team to finish was U-Prep with a team total of 322 strokes. The top golfer from U-Prep finished with 59 strokes.

In fifth place for the team standing on Sept. 21 was West Valley with a total tally of 334. Their top golfer finished the course with 59 strokes as well.

In addition to the 22 players who traveled from the aforementioned visiting school, Lassen was also host to two golfers from Mount Shasta. Combined, the young ladies finished with a tally of 135.

While Central Valley golfers were invited, they were unable to attend the Sept. 21 match.

As for the season overall, the Lady Grizzlies have attended three matches, including the home match on Sept. 21.

On Sept. 7, the Grizzlies traveled to Lake Shastina Golf Course for the Yreka-host match. On Sept. 14, they traveled to Tucker Oaks Golf Course for the West Valley match.

While at Lake Shastina, Loflin finished in 62 strokes, Carter in 68, both May and Rivington with 72, and Green with 78.

At Tucker Oaks, Loflin finished with 51 strokes, Carter with 62, Rivington with 70, Green in 73 and May in 75 strokes.

Of the 37 recorded individuals, Loflin is the highest-ranked Grizzly and is ranked fifth of the division overall.

Carter is the 10th individual of the division. May and Rivington are ranked 15th and 16th, respectively, and Green is 25th.