Dani Nevis catches the high ball after a Central Valley Falcon swings and misses on May 2. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Lady Grizzly softball wins three league and hosts tournament

The Lassen High softball team has been keeping itself busy with seven games in less than one week.

The Lady Grizzlies started off their gaming spree with a rematch against the West Valley Eagles on Thursday, April 27. With a hard eight innings on the diamond, Lassen finally left Cottonwood, California with the 3-2 win.

Without time to celebrate, the Lady Grizzlies immediately jumped into a home tournament where they faced three teams on Friday, April 28 and one team on Saturday, April 29. After a long start to the weekend resulted to three games won, the Lassen softball team prepared for a doubleheader against Central Valley on Tuesday, May 2.

The Central Valley Falcons lost both games against Lassen with scores of 6-0 and 11-2, respectively.

In the rematch against West Valley, Lassen stole the immediate lead with a run in the first inning.

Lainey Nevis slides home while the Central Valley defense scrambles to beat her there on May 2. Photo by Ashley Grogan

The Grizzlies then scored another run in the sixth inning to put them ahead 2-0. However, the Eagles countered with two runs scored during the bottom of the sixth inning.

The 2-2 tie stayed solid throughout the game until the end of the first inning of overtime. Lassen managed another run in inning eight to solidify the win before heading home.

Carli Lewis pitched a strong eight innings with eight hits given away, two runs, one walk and one error. She struck out four of the 33 batters faced.

The home tournament started with the Grizzlies facing off against the Orland Trojans.

With a well-rested team, the Trojans took advantage of their thirst for a win and ultimately out-scored the Grizzlies 7-2.

Both of Lassen’s runs were scored in the third inning with one by Jessie Kerby and one by Dani Nevis. Lainey Nevis was credited with one RBI and Ava Steele managed to hit a triple during the game.

Josephine Carman and Katie Turner split their time on the mound with Carman pitching to a total of 12 batters and Turner pitching to 18.

Carman gave up three hits, three runs, one walk and one error. She struck out two batters throughout the game.

Turner gave up five hits, four runs and two walks with one batter struck out.

With the Trojans’ help, the Lady Grizzlies’ heads were suddenly back in the game for the remainder of the tournament.

Lassen the faced Enterprise for their first tournament win of 1-0.

The Enterprise Hornets may have given the game their all, but one run from Lassen scored in the first inning seemed to have sealed their fate.

Kerby was the Grizzly to score Lassen’s winning run, and Lainey Nevis was credited with the success.

Lewis was on the mound for a full seven innings with only four hits and one walk given away. She struck out 15 of 24 batters faced and gave the Grizzlies a great defensive boost.

Next on the list were the Colusa Redhawks. Lassen beat the Redhawks with a 3-2 score after making a run in the first, fourth and sixth innings.

Grizzly runs were scored by Lewis, Dani Nevis and Turner with RBIs credited to Myrissa Geer, Dani Nevis and Steele.

Lewis was again on the mound for seven innings with three hits, two runs, two walks and an error. She struck out 16 of 29 batters faced.

Katie Turner sprints to third base before a Wheatland Pirate manages to tag her with the ball during one of the home tournament games on April 29. Photo by Ashley Grogan

The final game of the tournament saw the Lady Grizzlies take on the Wheatland Pirates on Saturday, April 29.

Lassen completely demolished the Pirates with a final score of 8-0 calling the game short at the end of the sixth inning.

The Lassen ladies scored three runs in the first inning to give themselves a great boost. Inning two brought in another run to further their lead 4-0.

In the third inning, the Grizzlies easily scored three more runs and decided to tone down the intensity.

With one last bout of uncontrolled passion, the Grizzlies scored one final run at the bottom of the sixth inning and left with the 8-0 win.

Lady Grizzly runs were scored by Geer, Kerby, Lewis, Dani Nevis, Lainey Nevis, Fawn Robinson, Steele and Turner.

Seven Grizzly RBIs were credited to Geer, Lewis, Dani Nevis, Lainey Nevis, Robinson and Steele.

Lewis was the sole Grizzly on the mound for the six innings. She gave up two hits and two walks. Of the 26 batters faced, she struck out eight.

With four wins under their belt in the span of three days, the Lady Grizzlies were more than ready to take on the Central Valley Falcons on May 2.

The first game of the doubleheader was an overwhelming Grizzly win with 6-0 on the board favoring the home team.

Lassen’s first run was scored in the fourth inning with Lainey Nevis tagging home. However, the fifth inning was when the Grizzlies pumped themselves up as five runs were scored in total.

The five Grizzly runs scored in the fifth inning were scored by Dani Nevis, Kerby, Lainey Nevis, Steele and Carman. RBIs for the runs were credited to Kerby, Lainey Nevis and Steele, with Steele responsible for three runs in total.

Lewis pitched for seven innings with only one hit given up. Of the 24 batters faced, Lewis struck out eight.

Game two was an 11-2 win for Lassen High.

In the first two innings, the Falcons made the impression they were ready to play ball with one run scored in each; however, the Grizzlies found the Falcon attempts laughable.

In the first inning, Dani Nevis, Kerby, Lainey Nevis and Steele scored runs for the Grizzlies. Dani Nevis, Lainey Nevis and Steele then repeated themselves in the fourth inning to bring Lassen’s score up to seven points.

The Lady Grizzlies then made their final impact on the game with runs scored by Dani Nevis, Lainey Nevis, Steele and Lewis in the sixth inning.

Of the 11 runs, Lewis was credited for four, Robinson for three, Lainey Nevis for one and Steele for one.

In the duration of the game, both Lewis and Dani Nevis hit a triple.

Lewis pitched the full seven innings with five hits given away, two runs and one error. She struck out five of the 28 batters and was named the winning pitcher of the game.