LaMalfa announces Cohasset Road Widening and Roe Road extension funding

Congressman Doug LaMalfa announced that he obtained $1.8 million for the Roe Road Extension Project and $1,400,000 for the Cohasset Road Widening and Fire Safety Project in Butte County.

The Roe Road Extension Project in Paradise would provide new intersections at streets that experienced a high volume of traffic-related fatalities as victims tried to safely evacuate during the 2018 Camp Fire. The Cohasset Road Widening and Fire Safety Project would improve the only route serving the area, which is in a location that is prone to wildfires. This project widens the existing roadway, adds expanded shoulders, drainage, and guardrail improvements to help emergency services as well as improve capacity in the event of evacuations.

“Making sure that rural escape routes are accessible for first responders and residents so they can evacuate during an emergency, like a wildfire, are critical,” LaMalfa said. “These projects will help prevent traffic bottlenecks, especially during emergencies and potentially save lives. Obtaining these federal funds to help Butte County and the town of Paradise to recover from our disasters and prepare to avoid new ones are examples of good expenditures that truly improve our quality of life.”