LaMalfa announces common sense reforms to Democrats’ appropriations bill

Congressman LaMalfa submitted nine amendments to the House funding bills expected to come up for a vote next week.

“For too long, Democrats have treated the annual appropriations bill as a blank check to fund their frivolous wish-list items – and often times, these projects do not benefit the greater good of the American people,”: LaMalfa said. “Our tax dollars should be responsibly spent on projects that will improve the lives of the American people. To emphasize this, I have proposed a series of reasonable amendments that would provide vast improvements to the people of the North State over the outlandish priorities that Congressional Democrats are peddling.”

  1. Prohibits any high-speed rail funding for the State of California unless the Secretary of Transportation can certify that all landowners whose property has been taken for the project have been compensated, and that the environmental reviews for the entire high-speed rail project have been completed.
  2. Prohibits the EPA from converting cropland to wetlands using their “abandonment” criteria.
  3. Prohibits the EPA and Army Corps from finalizing or implementing the Biden Administration’s update to the definition of the Waters of the United States.
  4. Directs the SBA to prioritize reopening and finishing consideration of the COVID EIDL loan applications that were still pending or being processed when the program was closed down on May 6th, 2022.
  5. Stops FERC from moving forward on the Klamath dam removal project; may force them to only approve actions which show a net benefit to the socioeconomics of the entire Klamath Basin, and do not raise the costs of power.
  6. Require the Secretary of the Interior designate phosphate and potash as critical minerals.
  7. Prevents the Fish and Wildlife Service from listing new endangered species if that action will harm agriculture, limit necessary repairs to roads and infrastructure, or add additional red-tape surrounding needed thinning to prevent wildfires.
  8. Transfers funds from the Environmental Programs and Management enforcement activities account to the National Forest System account for enforcement and remediation of illegal marijuana trespass grow sites on federal lands. This would include for the clean-up of toxic waste and chemicals at these sites.
  9. Prohibits the SEC from finalizing or implementing regulations that require companies to report greenhouse gas emissions or climate-related risks.