LaMalfa announces FEMA hazard mitigation grant to Paradise Irrigation District

Congressman Doug LaMalfa announced a $4.7 million FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program award to the Paradise Irrigation District. This grant will fund a water supply hazard mitigation project which will improve the irrigation district’s wastewater treatment plant and water distribution system. This will reduce the risk of damage to water distribution infrastructure and damage from loss of service due to natural disasters, such as flooding, storms, or wildfires.

“The devastation of the 2018 Camp Fire clearly showed there is a profound need to improve disaster prevention on critical public utilities,” LaMalfa said. “This grant will help make this mission a reality and fund improved infrastructure as the area recovers. I will continue my efforts in securing disaster recovery and mitigation funding for the North State, and I look forward to assisting the Town of Paradise rebuild.”

“The Paradise Irrigation District is dedicated to strengthening its water system for the Paradise community,” said Paradise Irrigation District Assistant District Manager, Mickey Rich. “We are honored to receive this nearly 4.7 million dollars applied for in 2017 to invest in critical infrastructure improvements that make our town’s water system more resilient and dependable during wildfire, flood, seismic or storm events.”