LaMalfa announces service academy appointments from Northern California  

Congressman Doug LaMalfa  announced the appointment of four students selected to attend one of America’s military academies. The U.S. Military Academy, U.S. Naval Academy, U.S. Air Force Academy and the U.S. Merchant Marines Academy each require a Congressional nomination in order to attend. The admissions process is highly competitive.

The service academy appointees from Northern California are as follows: Ian Hancock, Redding, U.S. Air Force Academy; Dallen Parrott, Oroville, U.S. Naval Academy; Luke Shoffner, Redding, U.S Military Academy; and Cole Robinson, Fairfield, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy.

“These remarkable students are incredibly deserving of their appointments,” LaMalfa said. “Attending one of our nation’s U.S. service academies is a rare opportunity to earn an excellent education while being prepared to be great leaders in serving our country. I wish each of them all the best in pursuing their respective military careers.”

LaMalfa based his nominations on the recommendations of his Military Academy Nomination Committee, which is responsible for reviewing their files, interviewing the applicants and recommending a slate of nominees. The committee consists of retired military and local community members.

Any student with a strong desire to serve our nation as an officer in the United States Armed Forces is invited to contact LaMalfa in the spring of their junior year. Visit his website for his nomination application and instructions. You may also call his Chico District office and speak with his U.S. Service Academy Advisor at 343-1000.

USNA, USMA, and USAFA permit nominations only from the student’s U.S. Senators or Congressional Representative. Students interested in attending USMMA have additional opportunities for nominations. In addition to their two U.S. Senators, applicants to USMMA may apply to any and all Members of Congress in their state. This affords USMMA applicants more opportunities to secure these coveted appointments.