LaMalfa announces USDA grants

Today the United States Department of Agriculture announced it is investing $5.2 billion in rural infrastructure projects across the country through their Rural Development Department. USDA Rural Development loan and grant programs expand access to high-speed internet, small business investments, and water and electricity projects.

Two projects were awarded this round in California’s first district. The City of Yreka received a $6 million Water and Waste Disposal Loan to replace outdated water infrastructure and sewer collection systems. This will reduce inflow and infiltration, increase hydraulic capacity, and provide safe transmission of wastewater to the City’s wastewater treatment plant.           Sierra County Waterworks in Calpine received a $499,000 Water and Waste Disposal Loan for construction of a new water tank with a 140,000-gallon capacity. This will ensure safe drinking water for residents in the service area and provide extra water flow as insurance in the event of a fire.

“I am happy that I could work with the USDA to ensure that water service providers in the Northstate receive assistance to expand on economic development and investment opportunities,” LaMalfa said. “These loans provide funding for beneficial projects and help keep jobs and job creators local. Water is a critical resource in our area, and I support programs which expand and improve clean water storage for drinking, agriculture, and combating fires.”