LaMalfa calls on Education Secretary to be removed

Congressman LaMalfa joined his Republican colleagues to call upon President Biden to fire Education Secretary Miguel Cardona in light of his solicitation of the infamous letter from the National School Boards Association that compares parents who protested at school board meetings to domestic terrorists and calls for them to be investigated by the federal government. 

In the aftermath of this letter, Cardona rewarded the co-signer of this letter, NSBA President Viola Garcia, with an appointment to the National Assessment Governing Board, praising her perspective in her appointment announcement. Newly released documents show that despite denials, Cardon in fact directly solicited and coordinated the production of the salacious letter from NSBA. By solicitating this letter, as well as appointing the letter’s co-signer to a national education board and praising her credentials, Carbona shows a clear pattern of behavior that puts politics above the interests of parents and children. His attempt to orchestrate the silence of millions of parents who are concerned about curriculum and brand them as “domestic terrorists” is grounds for removal.

  “The federal government has no right to push parents out from their child’s education,” LaMalfa said. “It is a parent’s God-given duty to make decisions for their child’s best interest, not the federal government or the Biden administration. Every parent in the nation, regardless of their political stance, should be alarmed that the federal government is attempting to strip away parents’ rights and limit their voice regarding their children. Colluding to get the FBI to investigate concerned parents shows Secretary Cardona is unfit for the job and must be removed.”