LaMalfa carries conservative water at Susanville town hall

Congressman Doug LaMalfa at Jensen Hall.

Congressman Doug LaMalfa hosted a town hall meeting in Susanville last night at Jensen Hall on the Lassen County Fairgrounds, and while he never mentioned former president Donald Trump and his legal entanglements, he didn’t stray too far from many of the familiar conservate talking points Republicans frequently bring to the table. And in our heavily conservative county, his comments seemed to fall pretty much in line with the opinions of most of the 100 or so residents who attended 90-minute meeting. In the end he urged conservatives to continue the fight.

LaMalfa spoke for about 35 minutes before turning the remainder of the meeting into a question-and-answer session. He spoke about the importance of the Farm Bill that Congress will take up when they return from this recess and how there seemed to bipartisan cooperation with “good input’ from both sides. He said the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee he serves on seems to function well, too.

“My third committee, Natural Resources, that’s always a dog fight there,” LaMalfa said. “It comes down to things like cutting trees versus more spotted owl business … It seems like everything is run through the climate change filter … and what they really want to point to is carbon dixodie.”

He asked those in attendance to guess how much carbon dioxide was in the atmosphere and he said it was .04 percent — 400 parts per million — even with the amount attributed to human activity and global warming.

Local resident Jacqui Henry asks Congressman Doug LaMalfa a question during the town hall meeting.

“We’re gonna take the United States, and we’ll just shut everything off,” LaMalfa said. “We’ll shut off these lights, shut off that air conditioner, (and) we’ll all move into caves and eat bugs … Carbon is not a problem … We’re getting sold a bill of goods. It’s nature making moves on carbon.”

LaMalfa continued the conservative line on securing the border, water, dams, fish and fentanyl. He claimed the cartels are using children to set up phony families in the U.S. and once that is done, the cartels bring the children back to Mexico only to send them across the border again to create another phony family.

A resident asked LaMalfa how we can prevent teen suicide — and his comments turned to transgender.

“The main thing we can do is not confuse them with false information about choices they can make,” LaMalfa said. “Affirm who they are and not try to make them into something else. I think you know what I’m talking about … This transgender business is a complete falsehood … If people want to make choices, they can do that, but having a whole arsenal of media and some of the medical industry telling them ‘your life is going to be saved by changing your gender’ is a complete falsehood and causes teen suicide even more.”

And LaMalfa gave his advice on what local should do politically.

“You’ve got to be active,’ LaMalfa said. “You’ve got to be civically active … It really takes a concerted effort by the people to be part of it … The citizens have to be part of this, too. You’ve got to elect the right people … You’re their customer. They have to work for you.”