LaMalfa comments on ‘out of touch’ rules package

Congressman Doug LaMalfa commented on Speaker Pelosi’s new House Rules bill.  The Rules Bill is passed at the beginning of every congress and sets the operating rules for the House of Representatives to run under for the next two years. Speaker Pelosi’s partisan rules package eliminates protections for the minority party that have existed for well over 100 years. Also, this package forces the House to adopt gender neutral language, including eliminating words like “mother”, “father, “son” and “daughter.”

“I don’t believe the people of this country, on the heels of a very challenging 2020 COVID era, are now clamoring for Congress to be distracted by forcing ‘gender neutral’ language into laws and House policy,” LaMalfa said. “Speaker Pelosi and colleagues, are trying to force Congress to use far left terminology that mainstream America would find absurd. Congress is supposed to stop using words such as ‘mother’ and ‘father’?

“This rules bill is ridiculous and shows how out of touch Congressional Democrats are with the American people. Because of Speaker Pelosi’s tenuous hold on the speakership, she is trying to shore up support by catering to the most extreme wing of her party. Operationally, this proposed House rules package also eliminates the minority party’s ability to offer last minute amendments to bills, something that his been a bipartisan practice for more than a century.  These changes are about eliminating any chance for competing ideas to be offered and forcing left wing political speech codes on everyone. This not only mutes the voices of many of the House members, but those of the people we represent. I will oppose this attempt at forced indoctrination at every opportunity.”