LaMalfa in top four addressing a national audience from the House Floor

report released by C-SPAN found that Congressman Doug LaMalfa ranked fourth out of the entire U.S. House of Representatives in House Floor speeches, having spoken 126 days during the 117th Congress. (Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), was first at 147 days). Speeches can occur during bill debates, one minutes, five minutes and other time slots.

In the 116th Congress, LaMalfa ranked third with 138 days.

“The power of the Floor provides the opportunity to speak to a national audience as well as other members and our district constituents,” LaMalfa said. “I use these opportunities to relay to the whole country why these issues are important to fellow Americans. Not storing water, but instead wasting it means not just bankrupt farmers and lost ag jobs, but less food, even shortages and at much higher prices. If a tomato isn’t grown in California, then there is less tomato paste for pizza or pasta in New York. If our federal forests keep burning millions of acres each year due to incompetent management, valuable timber is lost and may need instead to be imported. Wildlife is wiped out, water becomes polluted with ash, the unhealthy smoky air can reach the East Coast, billions of dollars in fire costs are lost by taxpayers and on and on. This is why it is very important to me to message these and many other issues to all who will listen. I hope to cause people to motivate their own legislators to fix things and to understand why what we do in rural America and Northern California affects them and helps them.”

Many of Congressman LaMalfa’s speeches can be found on his YouTube channel.