LaMalfa opposes Democrats latest cynical debt increase ploy

Today, Wedneday, Dec. 8, Congressman Doug LaMalfa voted against the Democrats latest attempt to eliminate bipartisan protections for increasing the debt ceiling.  The bill would allow a one-time increase of the debt limit, between enactment and Jan. 16, 2022, of an any amount the majority chooses. In an attempt to twist their Republican colleagues’ arms, Democrats have unnecessarily attached this debt limit increase to Medicare funding.

“This is yet another underhanded move to let Democrats unilaterally run up the national debt by any amount they want by tying it to something nearly everyone wants to avoid: Medicare cuts,” LaMalfa said. “Inflation is skyrocketing because of the massive increase in government spending. Yet Democrats keep trying to spend more money we don’t have, and this bill lets them add trillions more to our national debt with no debate. I continue to support avoiding Medicare cuts. Our seniors paid into Medicare and we should keep the promise we made to them. I’ve supported and co-sponsored numerous bills to avoid cuts to the system like we are facing in January. Today’s vote used Medicare to hide allowing unlimited borrowing by a single party who has already passed or is planning to pass an additional $8 trillion this year. After the past 11 months, there is no way I’m voting to make it easier for this bunch to raise the limit on the nation’s credit cards just so they can spend us into oblivion.”