LaMalfa opposes Democrats’ middle of the night debt increase

Congressman Doug LaMalfa voted against raising the debt limit to nearly $31 trillion. After the Senate voted along party lines in favor of raising the limit this afternoon, the measure was quickly sent to the House chamber, where it also passed on party lines tonight. If signed by President Biden, the measure will increase the debt limit by $2.5 trillion, a sum expected to last only until 2023.

“Despite record tax receipts, Washington has been unable to balance their budget,” LaMalfa said. “Just this year we’ve already spent an extra $4 trillion on partisan mega-bills. Now, in order to help pay for previous spending and pave the way for the $3 trillion Democrats hope to add to our debt from the doomed ‘Build Back Broke’ plan, Democrats want us to raise the debt ceiling by $2.5 trillion. Our government cannot treat the American people like a blank checkbook. We must get our fiscal lives in order before it further wrecks our economy and American family’s budgets and dreams.”