LaMalfa opposes Democrats’ partisan energy takeover bill

Congressman Doug LaMalfa issued the following statement after voting against H.R. 4447, the Democrats’ partisan energy takeover bill. H.R. 4447 promotes far left energy policies that will cost American taxpayers more than $135 billion dollars.

“This legislation is another attempt by Democrats to force expensive, unreliable, and unrealistic ‘Green New Deal’ priorities on the American people,” LaMalfa said. This bill also completely disregards the needs of rural America, prioritizing billions in funding to large cities. California is again facing expected power shut-offs because of the policies found in this legislation. Forcing the rest of the country to adopt the failure of California’s energy policy is wrong. Additionally, by effectively forcing a phase-out of hydropower, thousands of Northern Californians are put at risk to lose their clean, reliable energy source. This legislation is the House majority’s absurd attempt at pandering to urban environmentalists and does not contain real solutions for rural Americans, like encouraging the use of hydropower, investing in biomass power development that will help reduce wildfire risks and increasing water storage.”

Specifically, H.R. 4447 includes the following provisions:

  • $36 billion for electric vehicle related programs, including federal-fleet mandates requiring at least half of all light-duty vehicles to be zero emission or hybrid by 2025;
  • $650 million for areas to convert to electric school busses and EV infrastructure;
  • $17.5 billion for city-oriented conservation block programs;
  • $20 billion to establish a federal “green bank” to subsidize green energy projects; and,
  • Effectively bans new pipeline projects.