LaMalfa opposes legislation undermining Second Amendment rights

This week, Congressman Doug LaMalfa voted in opposition to two bills that attempt to undermine constitutionally-granted gun rights. Neither bill directly addressed school safety or the root causes of violence.

H.R. 7910 was divided into eight separate votes that ultimately increase the age of purchase for certain arms, makes it harder for survivors of domestic violence to obtain a firearm for defense, limits magazine capacity that essentially bans many common firearms, and implements “safe storage” requirements that would make it harder to access a firearm in an emergency. H.R. 2377 doubles down on already existing firearm ownership prohibitions, dismantles gun owners’ right to due process and permits law enforcement officers to seize firearms without notice, while creating new rules that allow for confiscation of firearms with little to no evidence.

“Mass shootings and these acts of violence we’re seeing on the news are horrific.,” LaMalfa said. “But these bills don’t address the root causes of these incidents. They just add more restrictions on law-abiding gun owners. Criminals, terrorists, and evil people are not deterred by current gun control laws and won’t be by these proposals. Democrats are politicizing these tragedies to push their anti-gun, anti-freedom agenda and continue to strip law-abiding citizens of our Second Amendment rights. We should be focusing our attention to better equipping first responders to quickly act on these threats, hardening security at our schools, restoring the American family and bringing back tough sentencing that have been torn down, such as using a gun in a crime, which used to get sentence enhancements. Already, more than 90 percent of criminals who illegally attempt to buy a gun are never prosecuted. The Left seems to love making more laws that get press coverage that they can’t or don’t intend to enforce except upon the law-abiding citizens who are not the problem.”