LaMalfa opposes Pelosi’s soft-on-China plan

Congressman Doug LaMalfa voted against H.R. 4521. This bill, introduced last week by Speaker Pelosi, was pitched as an attempt to protect American interests from China. In reality, it is a thinly veiled partisan climate change bill that does nothing to hold China accountable for its intellectual property theft, anti-competitive behaviors towards Americans and significant human rights abuses. This $325 billion, nearly 3,000 paged piece of legislation mentions “coral reefs” 394 times, more times than it actually mentions “China” (374). This bill authorizes $8 billion into an unaccountable U.N. climate slush fund, which has already awarded more than $100 million to China, and does not guarantee the $8 billion won’t be used to purchase things like solar panels or batteries, whose supply chains in China are tainted by the genocide of the Uyghur religious minority.

The U.S. Senate previously approved a bipartisan bill to improve American competition with China and ensure that supply chain issues are resolved by bringing American industry back to our country. Today’s partisan bill pushes far left policies instead of passing the widely supported bipartisan compromise.

“Rather than confronting the many crises her party created, Speaker Pelosi has pushed her partisan climate bill for a vote claiming that it will protect American interests against China,” LaMalfa said. “If that were true, it would be awarding millions of dollars to increase our military strength or enforce sanctions. Instead, it awards millions to coral reef studies and bans mink farming for fur coats. If Democrats really wanted a China accountability bill that addresses climate change, then why did they vote down a Republican-led amendment that would have created a level playing field by requiring that China’s manufacturing match emission-cutting targets that Democrats are trying to subject the United States to? This continues to prop up China’s economy and harms ours and American workers.

“This summer the Senate overwhelmingly passed its bipartisan version of this bill without the climate frills, the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act. Why wouldn’t Speaker Pelosi bring that bipartisan bill to the House over her own? There is significant bipartisan support to pass a bill that increases American competitiveness, fixes supply chain issues and helps build a vibrant domestic semi-conductor manufacturing capability. This bill is nearly 3,000 pages and full of partisan garbage. Today’s vote was another waste of bipartisan potential. I cannot support a bill that will send billions more the UN who is continuing to use American tax dollars to give to China.”

Absurd provisions in this bill include:

  • Authorizes $8 billion to the U.N. Green Climate Fund over the next two fiscal years – And $2 billion in Department of State climate programming is authorized every fiscal year with no sunsets.
  • Tries to appease Chairman Xi by omitting the word “genocide” from provisions on human rights in Xinjiang, despite the House having voted twice to call it genocide.
  • Creates “Climate Change Officers” within the Foreign Service, weakening our diplomats’ focus on core U.S. national interests.
  • Grants the Department of the Treasury unchecked authority to block Americans’ digital currency payments worldwide.
  • Implements many burdensome regulations to the fishing industry, increasing American dependency on foreign imported seafood.