LaMalfa opposes raising debt limit to finance Democrat spending spree

Congressman Doug LaMalfa issued the following statement today, after voting against raising the debt limit.  The bill would give Democrats and the Biden Administration unlimited authority to borrow until December of 2022.  Our collective national debt is now over $28 trillion dollars, or $86,000 per person.

“Democrats are asking for unlimited authority to spend any amount they want for the next year and a half,” said LaMalfa. “Putting Americans further into debt to pay for a partisan spending wish list is irresponsible. This vote is maxing out another credit card on frivolous purchases that will lead to little but new taxes, inflation, and expanding government control that will harm Americans across the county. The Democrats have been very transparent about their plan to use bare majorities in the House and Senate to massively increase new spending and taxes. We should be talking about hard caps on spending and getting our fiscal house in order instead of spending more on the Green New Deal.”