LaMalfa reacts: ‘A frustrating and destructive day’

Congressman Doug LaMalfa comments on the removal of Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Congressman Doug LaMalfa

“Today was one of the most frustrating and self-destructive days I have seen in Congress,” LaMalfa said. “By joining with Democrats, a small splinter group has removed the most conservative Speaker of the House we have likely ever had. I do not see a path forward today that results in lower spending, more freedom for individuals or a more secure border. The likely outcome when the dust settles will be with Democrats holding more power and Republican priorities sidelined.

“On a personal note, Kevin McCarthy is a good friend who did not deserve to be betrayed this way. He has kept his promises and worked to advance our cause. His removal by a splinter group is a huge mistake, and I suspect that they will soon regret their action.”