LaMalfa recognizes service academy appointments from Northern California

Congressman Doug LaMalfa announced the appointment of five students selected to attend one of America’s military academies. The service academy appointees are:

Dylan Booth — Cottonwood, 
U.S. Naval Academy;

Edward Buck — Chico, 
U.S. Military Academy;

McKenzie Cassingham — Shasta Lake, 
U.S. Merchant Marine Academy;

Anika Stickney — Chico,
U.S. Air Force Academy
; and

Dominic Wiggins — Chico,
U.S. Naval Academy

LaMalfa based his nominations on the recommendation of his Military Academy Selection Committee, which is responsible for reviewing their files, interviewing the applicants, and recommending a slate of nominees.

“The opportunity to attend one of our nation’s five U.S. Service Academies is a great honor,” LaMalfa said. “After a competitive nomination process, I’m confident this impressive group of young leaders will excel in their efforts and proudly serve in our nation’s armed forces. They are a great representation of Northern California, and I wish them the best of luck.”

Any student with a strong desire to serve our nation as an officer in the United States Armed Forces is invited to contact LaMalfa in the spring of their junior year. Visit his website for his nomination application and instructions. Interested parties may also call his Chico district office to speak with his U.S. Service Academy Advisor at 343-1000.