LaMalfa releases statement on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Today, Russia officially invaded Ukraine after months of amassing an estimated 150,000 to 190,000 troops and artillery at Ukraine’s northern, southern and eastern borders. Russia has previously demanded the U.S. and NATO bar Ukraine from joining the (NATO) military alliance and pull back troops from Eastern European member states. The United States first began supplying weapons to Ukraine after the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014. Congressman Doug LaMalfa (made the following statement after the invasion:

“Partisanship needs to end at the water’s edge. America is stronger when we pull together in support of our republic. Today’s Russian invasion of Ukraine is partially the result of American weakness on the foreign stage and fallout of a flawed withdrawal in Afghanistan. Domestically, we must address our failing leadership that contributed to this crisis. America’s credibility on the world stage depends on our commitment to our principles and our allies. Internationally, I can support the Biden Administration’s plan to offer Lend/Lease advanced military aid to Ukraine to defend itself from a Russian invasion. I cannot support sending American troops in harm’s way. Giving the Ukrainians the military tools needed to defend their country is in America’s best interest. With our technological aid they can make this invasion extremely painful for Russia and hopefully prevail.

“Further, immediate and crippling sanctions must be placed on all Russian industry, military leaders and oligarchs. We should use our economic might to freeze their accounts and make Russian leadership feel true economic pain. A major shift in domestic policy has to accompany this foreign policy action. Biden’s appeasement of Russia on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline has given Russia power over our allies in Western Europe. We must pursue a full domestic oil production policy including new pipelines. America has the largest untapped oil supplies in the world and now is the time to use them to avert escalating international danger. We must have the capacity to export liquified natural gas to our European allies to remove Russian threats to cut off their energy sources. We need to produce oil in such vast quantities that prices drop, robbing Russia of their primary economic driver. High oil prices hurt American consumers but also directly finance both Russian and Iranian aggression. This must be accompanied by returning to Trump era regulations that produce vibrant and strong economic activity. An economically powerful America has more diplomatic tools to stop both Russian and Chinese aggression.”