LaMalfa responds to’s request for Santos comment

A representative from Congressman Doug LaMalfa’s office responded to’s request for comment on LaMalfa’s vote not to expel embattled NY Congressman George Santos Friday morning.

Congressman Doug LaMalfa.

She said the congressman’s office did not receive’s request in a timely manner, and even though it was Sunday, the office was responding now as soon as it received the request. While the congressman did not issue a press release on his vote, on Friday he did publish a statement on his Facebook page, Rep. Doug LaMalfa.

Here’s his statement.
Throughout the history of our nation, neither the House nor Senate has expelled a member who was not convicted of a crime or committed treason. I do not condone Mr. Santos’s actions, and I would strongly urge him to resign in light of the evidence against him presented in the Ethics Committee report. I do not think Congress should create a new precedent. Given the merging of politics and justice these days, an expulsion vote could be used as political warfare or to tip the scale in a decision of an ongoing court case. It seems the sentence is being handed down before the conviction. Congress should follow the precedent of the last 232 years and only vote to expel once a member is convicted of a crime or treason. thanks LaMalfa’s office for responding to our request as soon as it was received, even on a Sunday.