LaMalfa says Biden vaccine mandate will cost people their jobs

Stop the madness, last year’s heroes are being fired, said Congressman Doug LaMalfa.

LaMalfa issued the following statement after the Biden Administration announced their long-telegraphed vaccine mandate plan.  The OSHA rule will require companies with more than 100 employees to have a vaccinated workforce by Jan. 4 or face fines.  Employers not enforcing OSHA’s newest rule could be cited by the agency and face a fine of up to $13,653 for each serious violation. A willful violation, essentially an employer deliberately disregarding the mandate, could lead to a fine as high as $136,532.            LaMalfa has introduced two pieces of legislation to halt vaccine mandates and vaccine passports, the “No Vaccine Passports Act” and the “Keep Vaccines Voluntary Act” which are being stalled by Speaker Pelosi.

“I oppose this vaccine mandate in every way possible and encourage any employer to join one of the many lawsuits challenging the constitutionality rather than comply,” LaMalfa said.  “At some point the only option is civil disobedience. Whether its this new order, or in our home state, (California) Governor (Gavin) Newsom’s ruling that school children must be vaccinated.  The president and OSHA cannot make up laws and penalties from thin air. Last year, nurses, doctors, firefighters, police, the military and everyone who worked through the pandemic were hailed as heroes.  Today, they are the number one target for being fired.  Nurses and doctors especially know the risks they face and their individual risk factors for the vaccine. They battled through the unknown last year when we had no idea about effective treatments. We know much more about the virus today than we did last year, and we are all well aware of the risks. Firing those we celebrated last year is especially callous.”