LaMalfa slams Biden’s electric vehicle mandate  

LaMalfa responds to President Biden’s unveiled final electric vehicle mandate rule.

District 1 Congressman Doug LaMalfa.

This de facto electric vehicle mandate would phase out internal combustion engine vehicles, requiring 67 percent of new light-duty vehicles and 46 percent of medium-duty vehicles to be electric by 2032. Its costly and burdensome implementation would ultimately harm American consumers by dictating that they purchase electric vehicles that are, on average, costlier and that may not logistically work for them, as California regularly has rolling electric blackouts in the summer, and also one of the highest electricity costs in the country.

“The average American does not want, and cannot afford, a new electric vehicle,” LaMalfa said. “This deeply unpopular mandate will forever tie our auto industry to the Chinese Communist Party, which produces a majority of the lithium needed for these EV batteries and has the potential to decimate our domestic energy industry and harm our auto-manufacturing industry. We lack both the power grid infrastructure and the power generation to support this rule. Demand for EV’s is falling now, mandating their purchase by eliminating the supply of vehicles people want is un-American. I will be looking into every possible avenue to stop it.”