LaMalfa statement on today’s appropriations vote

Today, Congressman Doug LaMalfa issued the following statement after supporting the much-delayed partial 2024 spending package.

The package reduces overall spending from last year’s level by $2.5 billion and cuts more than $20 billion from the IRS. The total spending package reduces domestic spending by 7 percent and increases military preparedness as well as veterans care by cutting funds from the partisan Inflation Reduction Act and Infrastructure Act.

“With all of the forces battling for even more spending and ‘woke’ policy in everything, the House Republicans held the line to reduce domestic spending while positively funding the military and veterans much more reliably than in temporary continuing resolutions,” LaMalfa said. “We clawed back billions in partisan spending, cut back on foreign aid (and) eliminated UNWRA funds that had been used by Hamas while continuing to help our close ally, Israel.  If this round failed, then the next bill would only get worse for those of us that want to hold the line on spending as well as stop DEI and transgender craziness, especially in the military package. Though there is plenty to dislike in this spending package, at least it went through the appropriations process and was seen by the public. With a Schumer led Senate and Biden White House, this is what we could responsibly pass in this divided House and Senate in what we got done today, instead of a costly and harmful shutdown,”