LaMalfa supports Biden impeachment inquiry

Congressman Doug LaMalfa

Today, Congressman Doug LaMalfa commented on the announcement of a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

“Throughout the last eight months, House Republicans have unearthed a multitude of serious and credible allegations of misconduct and obstruction from the President and his family, even going back to his Vice Presidency,” LaMalfa said. “The impeachment process is only to be used seriously with concrete evidence.

“We’ve seen a mockery made of it as a misused political tool against former President Trump, twice. I support opening an impeachment inquiry to allow us to uncover the full truth and deliver answers to the questions the American people are asking. Opening an inquiry gives the House additional subpoena tools to get financial, DOJ, FBI, and IRS records, as well as phone calls, text messages and emails that will reveal the truth of the situation. I hope that a formal investigation can move forward with bipartisan participation.”