LaMalfa to Newsom: We need help, not a lecture

Congressman Doug LaMalfa issued the following statement after Governor Newsom toured the North Complex fires.

“Our people are suffering,” LaMalfa said. “The North Complex fires have raged in Butte, Plumas and Yuba counties, displacing thousands of families, burning down homes, taking the lives of 10 people, and injuring many more. Today, the governor had the audacity to come tour the North Complex and peddle his climate change agenda while offering zero solutions to alleviate the pain of our people or get these fires under control. He used our destroyed land for a photo op while systematically excluding every local voice, including our sheriffs, first responders, local press, elected officials, and others on the ground.

“To make matters worse, while stumping his radical political positions, the governor sent his agents into Butte County, threatening to withhold their coronavirus aid money should they not close indoor eating in bars and restaurants. The air quality is insufferable and nobody can enjoy eating outside in a healthy way. With thousands of people displaced, our local governments need flexibility to provide food and shelter.

“I am happy to further discuss policies that will minimize wildfire risk with the governor in the future, but today, I am solely focused on taking care of my constituents. Getting them out of the smoke, into shelter and extinguishing the fires is my number one priority. The president has extended his support to alleviate our suffering. Mr. Governor, what are you doing?”