Lassen College takes steps to minimize COVID-19 risk, aims to move lectures to remote learning

According to a statement release Thursday evening, March 12, Lassen Community College is taking steps to minimize risk on campus, in light of the novel coronavirus, by moving lectures to remote learning and prohibiting spectators from athletics events.

“At the present time, there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19, more commonly known as the Novel Coronavirus, here in Lassen County,” Acting Superintendent/ President Trevor Albertson wrote in the statement. “In accordance with guidance issued by both the Governor and the Chancellor, I am directing that the following steps be taken to minimize the potential risk from Coronavirus to the Lassen College campus community.”


The steps include:

  • All Lecture classes capable of being conducted via remote learning will be conducted via remote learning beginning on March 18:
    • Any remaining lecture classes will be moved to remote learning no later than March 25.
  • Unless noted otherwise, all lab, PE, CTE, and activity courses that cannot be conducted via remote learning will continue as normal. This includes most Auto, Welding, Ag, Gunsmithing, Vocational Nursing, Athletics, Rodeo, and DSPS courses, as well as others that may potentially be added to this list.
    • Any lecture portion of these courses that can be conducted via remote learning may be moved to remote learning by March 25th
  • Athletics events will continue as scheduled; however, spectators are prohibited from attending these events until further notice.
  • Student support services will remain open, including the Library/Learning Center, Dormitory, Cafeteria, Financial Aid, Admissions and Records, and Student Services offices, as well as others that may potentially be added to this list.
    • We do request though that these offices be contacted by telephone or email as much as possible in lieu of visiting campus.
  • All non-essential scheduled gatherings on campus are postponed until further notice.
  • Unless notified otherwise, all of these changes are effective for the duration of the Spring 2020 semester.


“We will be sending out further communications to affected students, staff, and faculty as we move forward with implementing these efforts. It is our sincere intention to ensure that students are able to complete all scheduled classes while also taking every effort to afford the best protection to our College community,” Albertson wrote.

“I must emphasize that, one, the college is not closing, and, two, the last thing anyone of us should do is panic — even if the Coronavirus were to emerge in Lassen County, the last thing anyone should do is panic.  Having been through some trying and testing moments in my own life, I know this to be the best approach to take — in other words, keep calm and we will get through this together,” Albertson shared.

“Ok, let’s pull together, keep focused on our studies and duties, avoid the ‘rumor mill,’ and we will get through this,” Albertson concluded.

Students are encouraged to contact their faculty member.

Albertson noted staff and faculty should contact their area administrator, and members of the public may reach out to Lassen College’s Public Information Office at (530) 251-8820, or by emailing