Dr. Marlon Hall retired from his position as LCC president/ superintendent Dec. 16. File photo

Lassen Community College president retires

An unexpected departure was announced at the Lassen Community College’s Board of Trustees Dec. 17 meeting when board president Sophia Wages read aloud a press release on behalf of the board announcing the retirement of LCC President/ Superintendent Dr. Marlon Hall.

Dr. Trevor Albertson, former Dean of Instructional Services, is appointed Lassen Community College’s acting president/ superintendent. Photo by Jake Hibbitts

From the board’s statement announcing Hall’s Dec. 16 departure, Wages read, “During his seven and a half years of leadership at Lassen Community College, Dr. Hall drove an awareness of the challenges facing small and rural community colleges, at both the national and state levels. He stressed their struggles for funding and need for system-wide reform.

“He was also a strong advocate for students and their successes during their time at Lassen Community College.”

In addition to accepting Hall’s retirement, the board held an additional special meeting to appoint an acting president, immediately following the board’s scheduled monthly meeting, where Dean of Instructional Services, Dr. Trevor Albertson was appointed the college’s acting president/ superintendent.

Both decisions — to accept Hall’s retirement and appoint Albertson — came after two lengthy closed session hearings.

The board also held its annual restructuring of leadership during its regular meeting.

Unanimous decisions were made for Wages to continue as the board’s president, Shaun Giese as its vice president and Albertson serving as its secretary per the board’s bylaws.

Albertson, who began work at LCC in 2018, earned his PhD from the University of California, Merced, with a major field of the political-diplomatic history of the twentieth century United States, and was an IGCC-UCDC Dissertation Fellow in Foreign Policy Studies. He earned a master of arts degree in International Affairs from the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC, and a bachelor of arts degree from Norwich University.

Albertson is a former assistant professor and course director at the Department of Defense’s Air Command and Staff College at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.

Albertson comes to LCC as a former Air Force intelligence officer, one who served as a congressional staffer, a deputy secretary of a cabinet department of California state government and was a gubernatorial appointee.

He loves snow skiing in the West and is a big fan of elderly dogs.