Lassen County Behavioral Health Advisory Board considers approval of two-year Mental Health Services Act plan at tonight’s meeting

The Lassen County Behavioral Health Advisory Board meets at 5:30  p.m. tonight, Monday, June 17, in the conference room at 1400A Chestnut St. in Susanville. On the agenda for action is approval of the two-year Mental Health Services Act plan.

According to the plan, “Lassen County began the Community Program Planning (CPP) process for its Mental Health Services Act Two-Year Program and Expenditure Plan 2024-2026 in January 2024. The purpose of this plan is to describe Lassen County’s CPP process, provide an assessment of the needs identified and prioritized via stakeholder process, and the proposed programs and expenditures to support a robust mental health system based in wellness and recovery.

This plan includes the following sections:

  • Overview of the community planning process that took place in Lassen County in January and February 2024. Lassen County’s Critical Process Parameters was built upon the meaningful involvement and participation of mental health consumers, family members, county staff, providers, and other stakeholders.
  • Assessment of mental health needs that identifies both strengths and opportunities to improve the mental health services system in Lassen County. The needs assessment used multiple data sources, including services data and public comments to identify the services gaps which will be addressed by Lassen County’s proposed MHSA programs for FY 2024-2026.
  • Description of Lassen County’s MHSA programs by component which includes a detailed explanation of each program, its target population, the mental health needs it addresses, and the goals and objectives of the program. This section of the plan also provides information on the expected number of unduplicated clients served and the program budget amount.