Lassen County man arrested for illegal mass killing of raptors

A raptor poaching story involving a Lassen County man is generating national attention as California wildlife officers report what could be the largest raptor poaching case in California history.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife announced Wednesday, March 14 Richard Parker, 67, was booked into the Lassen County Jail Monday, March 12 on multiple charges including take of birds of prey, take of migratory non-game birds as designated by the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act take of other non-game birds, and possession of wildlife unlawfully taken. Additional charges may be added as the investigation proceeds.

For the full story, see the Tuesday, March 20 edition of the Lassen County Times.

5 thoughts on “Lassen County man arrested for illegal mass killing of raptors

  • Shame on Richard. He has been around long enough to know better. Killing to kill is not cool!

    • Yep. Think about what you wrote. Dick has been around long enough. Well then. Just consider this fact. He’s owned the property for over twenty years. Hmmm

  • Mr Parker- I have so enjoyed all the hawks kistrels and eagles this year- how dare you kill them just to kill- shame on you- you know better. Hope time and fine is long and a lot!!!!

  • Tell the truth Dick. How many years have you been shooting hawks and other protected wildlife? 20+? Tell Fish and Game your reasoning for the killings. Stupid! Repent Dick! Big man. The truth will be known. Lying to the man by concocting a story won’t work. I know how the cell block functions. Your problem is Richard Parker, you will be on the inside of those bars. I worked on the outside of those bars. Not a nice situation for you. Prison food sucks. And age is no matter to the Big Boys. Wild life killer. Signed: A man who knows you very well.

  • Slap that smirk off of his face and slap him with 126 counts using the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, a Federal crime with a fine of $5000 per offence and Prison. What other wildlife has he murdered?

    I urge people to mail letters to the DA’s office, respectfully urging the strongest possible prosecution of the case and no lenient plea deal. The DA’s office needs to be flooded with letters. The Lassen County DA’s office address is 220 S. Lassen St. Susanville, CA 96130.

    Let’s follow this case to see where we can all weigh in with letters to the DA’s office and to CDFW law enforcement, who did a great job in investigating this travesty. Thank you to the citizen tipster.

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