Lassen County posts final Presidential General Election results

Lassen County’s final official results are in for the Nov. 3 Presidential General Election and around 79 percent of the county’s registered voters cast their ballot this year.

According to the summary results report posted by the Lassen County elections office Tuesday, Dec. 1, there were 12,122 ballots cast out of 15,309 registered voters.

This year in race for president, 8,970 local voters, or 74 percent, cast their vote for Donald Trump, and 2,799 voted for Joe Biden, 23 percent.

For the U.S. Representative District 1 race, about 73 percent of Lassen County voters went for Doug LaMalfa, and about 25 percent to challenger Audrey Denney. District wide, according to the unofficial results, has LaMalfa leading with 57 percent of the vote.

In the State Senator District 1 race, incumbent Brian Dahle carried the local vote with about 76 percent, compared to Pamela Dawn Swartz’ 20 percent. District wide, Dahle has just below 60 percent of the vote.

Additionally, incumbent Megan Dahle received about 75 percent of the local vote for the State Assembly District 1 race, against challenger Elizabeth Betancourt’s 22 percent. District wide, Megan Dahle received just below 59 percent, according to the unofficial numbers.


Lassen County Supervisor District 1

Locally, according to the Election Summary, incumbent Chris Gallagher garnered just under 48 percent of the for the Supervisor District 1 race to keep his seat, against challenger Nicholas McBride’s 45 percent.


Lassen Community College Board of Trustees

For the local college board, David Trussell earned about 33 percent of the vote to earn him a seat on the board, against Cort Cortez, who received about 31 percent, and incumbent Tim Purdy, who earned about 25 percent of the vote.

Additionally, challenger Sandra Jonas received about 51 percent of the vote, against incumbent Shaun Giese’s 35 percent, for a seat on the Lassen Community College Board of Trustees.

And for the third seat on the board up for election, incumbent Kim Dieter received about 53 percent of the vote, to Meggin Lewman’s 32 percent.


Special District Spalding CSD

Voters chose Ted Thomas with 79 votes, or about 26 percent, and Larry Doss, with 77 votes, or about 26 percent, for the two spots on the Spalding CSD. Barbara Willard brought in 56 votes, or about 19 percent.


Fall River Joint Unified School District

Lassen County voters cast their ballots for the Fall River Joint Unified School District race, selecting Megan Estes, with 118 votes, or 19 percent, and Jeff Cook, with 106 votes, or about 17 percent. Jack Hathaway earned 85 votes, and Diane Murphy received 64 votes. Combined with Modoc and Shasta Results, Estes received 2,139 votes, and Hathaway 1,321.


Big Valley Joint Unified

Residents could vote for two people for this race, and in Lassen County 281 votes went to Renden Ellenberger, and 197 to Karli Frye. Robert Erickson received 102 votes. Combined with Modoc County votes, Ellenberger earned 537, and Frye received 364, to Erickson’s 189.

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