Lassen County reports 93rd community COVID-19 case, Lassen County’s COVID-19 information site, reports Lassen County’s 93rd community COVID-19 case at 1:32 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 16.

According to, there have been 93 total cases — 84 recovered cases and 9 active cases. There are no cases currently hospitalized and there have been zero deaths.

Lassencares reported no changes in the numbers for the county’s correctional institutions.

There have been 637 inmate cases at correctional facilities in Lassen County. There are two active cases and 626 recovered cases at the California Correctional Center. There is one active case and five recovered cases at High Desert State Prison. There are two active cases and one recovered case at the Federal Correctional Institution, Herlong.

The county has administered 6,544 tests with 6,428 negative results and 23 tests results pending.

Lassencares reported no changes in the serology testing.

The county has administered 236 serology tests for antibodies with 234 negative results and two positive tests.

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