Lassen County schools hope to reopen by May 4

Lassen County schools hope to return to classroom-based learning May 4, following recent guidelines from the state and federal governments regarding COVID-19.

In response to the continued “shelter in place” and social distancing practices, the
district superintendents and charter school administrators have been developing plans
for how to meet the academic needs of students in Lassen County, according to a statement from the Lassen County Office of Education.

The current plan is for all school buildings to remain closed for students through Friday,
May 1, with the hope that all students and staff can return to classroom-based
learning on Monday, May 4.

“We know that some students in Lassen County do not have access to the Internet or a
device they could use to complete their schoolwork. Each district is working to design
what student work might look like, whether that be written packets, online learning
opportunities, or a combination of both,” read the statement. “The goal is to provide remote/distance instruction and assigned work, with extra support provided for students to the greatest extent possible while practicing social distancing.”

The following schools will begin instruction on Tuesday, April 14, after the regularly
scheduled spring break: Fort Sage, Janesville, Johnstonville, Lassen County Office of Education,
Lassen High School, Mt. Lassen Charter, Ravendale, Richmond, Shaffer and Susanville School

Long Valley School and Thompson Peak Charter will continue instruction on April 13.
Big Valley and Westwood will begin instruction on Monday, April 20, after the regularly
scheduled break.

Look for additional communication and direction from the district and/or school your
child attends in the next couple of weeks. The specific details for what this will look like will be
outlined from the individual school your child attends, the statement read.