Lassen County schools plan for distance learning for remainder of year

Following information from the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Lassen County schools are preparing to continue distance learning for the remainder of the school year.
In a letter late Tuesday, March 31, to the county superintendents, and in a subsequent press release, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction said, “Due to the current safety concerns and needs for ongoing social distancing, it currently appears that our students will not be able to return to school campuses before the end of the school year.”
“While this is not a directive from the state, it is strongly worded advice from our state’s top official in education and  provides support for those districts locally that choose to provide distance learning opportunities instead of traditional classroom-based instruction,” read the statement from the Lassen County Office of Education.
“In Lassen County, while we were hopeful that teaching and learning would resume in school buildings at some point this spring, it does not appear that will happen. That being said, each district plans to continue to move forward with distance learning and food service, dedicating ourselves to providing the best instruction and support to students and families from a distance,” the statement read.
As of  Tuesday, April 1, the district superintendents have made the collective decision that, with the continued “Stay at Home” order and the need to follow social distancing guidelines, school sites are to remain closed to students for the remainder of the year and districts will provide distance learning through the end of the regularly- scheduled school year.
“Our ultimate goal is to remain positive, provide students with learning opportunities, and at the same time help you, as parents, provide some consistency until the end of the year.  Our administrators, teachers, and staff will continue to provide information and guidance,” the statement continued.
As a reminder, each of the districts have regularly-scheduled spring breaks on their calendars, and food service will not take place during those scheduled breaks.
“Lastly, we want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding, and we look forward to seeing all of our students as soon as possible.  Please remember that, if you have questions, you can contact the appropriate school office.  Additional information will be forthcoming from your local districts,” concluded the statement.