Do you have some ideas on how to improve the traffic flow on Main Street (Highway 36) or to make it safer? If you do, the Lassen Transportation Commission wants to hear from you. The commission asks residents to complete a 5-minute survey that can be found at Graphic submitted

Lassen County Transportation Commission seeks your opinion

The Lassen County Transportation Commission wants to know what you think as it decides the future of transportation in our county.

The commission asks residents to complete a 5-minute survey that can be found at

The purpose of the SR 36 Complete Street and Safe Mobility Plan is to identify potential future multi-modal and complete street improvements along the 2.5-mile corridor between Uptown (South Pine Street to Cottage Street) and the Susanville Gateway (Riverside Drive) and prioritize potential projects that would be competitive for grant eligible, complete streets improvements. The draft plan is now available for review at stateroute36study.

According to a draft of the plan, the recommended safety counter measures include:

  • Lane reallocation – Convert the existing four-lane undivided roadway into a three-lane roadway consisting of two through lanes and a central two-way left-turn lane.
  • Modify signal timing – Emphasize pedestrian phases to encourage use of controlled crosswalks and reduce jay-walking.
  • Left turn lanes – Separate left turn movement from through movement to minimize turn-related collisions and eliminate unnecessary delays.
  • Edgeline striping – Create formal shoulder space, parking lanes, and potential future bike lanes along the roadway.
  • Bulb-outs – Reduce pedestrian crossing distance to improve safety and allow pedestrians better visibility of the roadway.
  • Gateway Enhancements – Provide traffic calming benefits and increase awareness that drivers are entering the city.
  • Rectangular rapid flashing beacons — Provide pedestrian-activated flashing lights to alert drivers to pedestrians utilizing the crosswalk.

For more information or to give your input over the phone, call Genevieve Evans at 583-4053.