Tucker St. Andre runs the ball during the first home game against Enterprise High school Friday, Sept. 7. Photo by Brian Walters

Lassen earns huge upset against Enterprise

The Lassen High Grizzlies hosted its first home game of the season Friday, Sept. 7 against Enterprise Hornets.

Following junior varsity’s stunning win over Enterprise, the Grizzlies looked to push the envelope and send Enterprise packing.

Lassen kept the pressure on from beginning to end with a final score of 54-20.

With the first quarter showing, little flaws in the Grizzlies game. Enterprise gained one touchdown due to a fumble early on.

Lassen did not let this stand with Lassen coming in to put two touchdowns and one successful two-point conversion on the board in the first quarter.

Tucker St. Andre got a 15-yard rush for the first touchdown with a missed PAT.

Lassen kept the pressure on with a quick return back to Lassen from Enterprise’s slipping offense.

Lassen took it right to the goal line where Robert Howard, with a three-yard rush into the end zone, scored Lassen’s second touchdown. Quarterback Brock Wolf completed a pass to Robert Howard for a successful two-point conversion, bringing the score to 14-7 for the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter had Lassen resuming possession of the ball with Jacob Memmott running to within 20 yards of the end zone.

Following that, quarterback Brock Wolf saw an opportunity in the hole to hand the ball to Robert Howard for Lassen’s third touchdown of the night and a successful extra point. This brought the score to 21-7 in the first minute of the second quarter.

The second quarter continued with Lassen having excellent defense and their kick off back to Enterprise keeping within 20 yards of Lassen’s end zone. Lassen’s defense kept them from gaining any yards with Enterprise giving a punt return back to Lassen.

The short punt return was picked up 60 yards from the goal line, followed by Robert Howard taking it to 25 yards from the end zone, then a 20 yard pass by Hayden Chittock to Chandler Monahan for Lassen’s fourth touchdown and a missed PAT. Bringing the score, 5 minutes in the second quarter, to 27-7.

Lassen kicks a return back to Enterprise, with Enterprise taking advantage of the open field, running it within 30 yards of the goal line. Where Lassen played a strong defense, Enterprise had to make small runs to get them 10 yards from the

end zone.

At third down and five yards, Enterprise made a short pass for their third touchdown and a good PAT. This brought the score to 27-14. Lassen still held a good lead to give the Hornets a reason to worry, with Lassen picking up the return by Chittock keeping at Enterprise’s 30 yard line.

With St. Andre rushing big yards for a first down, it brought Lassen to the 10 yard line. St. Andre followed that up with a 10-yard rush for another touchdown by Lassen and an attempted, but fruitless, two-point conversion.

This brought an end to the second quarter with the score at half time of 33-14. Lassen maintained a strong lead, showing their defensive skills, to put Enterprise’s offensive line on notice.

The third quarter showed the majority of the action of the night, with Lassen being as gracious as they could with the dominance they proved over Enterprise.

Lassen kicked off to Enterprise to start the third quarter. However, Enterprise could not gain enough yards to get a first down with a quick return to Lassen.

Taking advantage of Enterprise’s slipping defense, Lassen used a good pass to get within range for a quick touchdown. St. Andre once again bulldozed his way through the Enterprise defensive line to score another touchdown, and Anthony Wagner gaining the extra point, bringing the score to 40-14, with the advantage to Lassen.

Lassen gave a huge return kick to Enterprise, putting them only five yards from their end zone. With Lassen rushing in to keep them there, even adding yards by the fourth down at 4-11. This gave Enterprise no solution other than a punt return.

Lassen kept the pressure on during the third quarter. A short punt return put Lassen 35 yards from another touchdown. With Enterprise pulling Lassen to third down and 8 yards to first. Lassen responded by Chittock making the 12-yard run to put them at first down.

Chittock kept the ball rolling with a short 10 yard pass to Monahan for another touchdown, and Wagner followed up for a successful extra point. Bringing the score, at seven minutes into the third quarter, to 47-14.

Once again after the kick return to Enterprise, Lassen’s defense kept a hold of the Enterprise offensive line to hold them in place to have to punt return back to Lassen.

With two minutes left in the third quarter, Lassen takes possession of the ball to make it only 5 yards from goal line. Dylan Wood Lazard coming in for a three yard rush to give Lassen their final touchdown of the night, and Wagner with another good PAT. This brought the score to 54-14.

The final quarter brought Lassen to a defensive game with Enterprise, to score their final touchdown at the very end of the game. Bringing it to 54-20, with the game going to Lassen High School.

After the game, coach Tom St. Jacques gave some uplifting words to his victorious team. The coach even said some words about the home crowd, which pushed the team forward with their excitement and exuberance.

Coach St. Jacques told the Times that after the previous week’s loss to Chico, he buckled down on the team and their training, and it definitely showed for Lassen varsity’s first home game.

The Grizzlies played Foothill High School Friday, Sept. 14 at Foothill High School.

Results were not available as of press time.