Lassen Fire Safe Council announces October meeting

The Lassen Fire Safe Council invites the public to October General Meeting at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 18 at the Susan River Fire Hall, 705-145 Highway 395 in Johnstonville.

Items on the agenda include the Managing director reports (Active projects, CalFire grants — Thompson Peak WUI fuels treatments, Hog and Sheep Fire restoration, Shingletown WUF fuels treatment, Dyer Mountain WUI fuels treatment, Whitmore forest and watershed restoration, and Clear Creek and Hog Flat fuel treatment), SNC Grants — Bootsole, East Side Communities and Diamond Mountain), Other (FEMA, Hog and Sheep Fire restoration, Honey Lake RCD, SPA, and California Fire Safe Council County Coordinator CWPP); Closed out projects (Diamond Mountain forest and watershed restoration); Next planned/awarded projects (Defensible Space Assistance Grant – project rollout and how to sign up); Agency updates (BLM, CalFire, SNC, NE CA Fire Prevention, USFS, Susan River FPD, Lassen County OES, SPI, Honey Lake Power  Beaty, Lassen County, Honey Lake RCD, SIR, Red Cross and Firewise community leaders); and public comment.