The 2017-2018 Lassen Grizzly Claybreakers varsity and junior varsity teams join for a group photo. Photo submitted

Lassen Grizzly Claybreakers trounce 2017 records

On Saturday, March 10, the Lassen Grizzly Claybreakers traveled to Lincoln, California for the first of their six series shoots.

The talent of the Grizzlies was on display when varsity shooter Gunnar Sherman crushed 93 of 100 targets, followed by Cole Taylor and Hunter Smith, both smashing 92 targets.

Then it was first-year varsity member Wyatt Gould with an 89, followed by Wyatt Spalding and Rylee McCart, both breaking 88s.

Tyler Johnson and Kendahl Loflin shared an off day, but still broke 87 and 85 targets respectively.

Thus, varsity ended with a team score of 454 out of 500 targets.

Claybreaker coach Phil Giusti said, “This score beats all of our scores from last year, so we are off to a great start. We have a very young, small varsity team this year with only nine shooters, two of which have three years experience. The others are second-year shooters, but all nine of them shot fantastically.”

For the junior varsity members – all first-year shooters at their first ever competition – rocked it right out of the house.

Team captain Triston Ingwerson and Caleb Montgomery smashed 94 targets, followed by Zech Pettus with a 92, then Jacob Daniels with an 85 and Bailey Spalding and Jewel Kerby finished with a pair of 81s.

Kaleb Kiar, who joined the team at the last minute, broke an 80. Nate Biggs, Morgan Rausch, Cali Jones and Dillon Ross filled out the junior varsity roster for a team score of 446 out of 500.

Once again, this score was higher than any junior varsity score of 2017.

Giusti commented, “Other than top JV shooters Ingwerson and Montgomery, everyone else shot below what I have seen them shoot at practice, and we still knocked it out of the park. The varsity is going to have to work extra hard with only nine shooters, but I believe they are up to the task.

“As for the JVs, they have 18 shooters who began practicing in October, and after six hard months of training, they looked like seasoned veterans at their very first competition.

“A couple of our top shooters faltered a little and the ones in the back stepped up to push the team score higher. I have high hopes for both teams this year in their end of season division standings, I think we have a great chance for success.”

Giusti later stated, “We have a really great group of hardworking parents this year, and together with my dedicated coaches, Bob Chavez, Nate Spalding and Rob Schrag, we are going to have a great season. The Claybreakers have such great support from our entire community, and as a team, have every intention of showing their gratitude with continued success at their shoots.”