Lassen High boys’ basketball obliterate Quincy Trojans

Korbin Drake takes a shot during the home game against Quincy on Tuesday, Dec. 6.
Photo by Ashley Grogan

The Lassen High School varsity boys’ basketball team hosted their first home game of the season on Tuesday, Dec. 6.

The non-conference game was against the Quincy Trojans and resulted in a 74-46 win on Lassen’s behalf.

Wyatt Martin was the first to break the 0-0 tie with a three-pointer shot with 7:40 on the board.

However, Quincy evened out the score seven seconds later with a three-pointer of their own.

Martin set the record straight with another three-pointer 52 seconds into the game. With a basket made by Justin Lloyd at 5:48, Lassen secured the lead.

With a Lassen foul resulting in a free throw and a good basket by Quincy, the Trojan score jumped up to six points.

Martin was back at it with a basket at 5:21 and he later made another at 3:40.

Between the two Martin baskets, Quincy scored a basket and a three-pointer. Additionally, Lassen’s Wyatt Del Carlo not only made a basket, but made a good free throw following as foul made against him during his shot.

With a timeout called 4:25 into the game, the Grizzly fire was ignited further upon seeing the 15-11 score in their favor.

Lloyd put the game back in motion with his basket at 2:54, and within the next 20 seconds, Martin followed with yet another three-pointer.

Quincy made a basket at 2:19, but hardly waited six seconds before fouling Martin. In turn, Martin made both free throws that were awarded him.

Spencer Lively made a name for himself with a Grizzly basket at 1:20. Lloyd supported Lively with another basket, bumping up the score to 26-13 in Grizzly favor.

Quincy made a basket with 21 seconds on the clock, but Korbin Drake made quick work of canceling out the Trojan success by making a basket 10 seconds later.

Quarter one was called with a score of 28-15 favoring Lassen.

Lassen didn’t hesitate to claim quarter two as their own. By the five-minute mark, Lassen had already bumped up their point tally by six.

Quincy made its first point of the second quarter with a free thrown made at 4:55.

Prior to a timeout being called, Lloyd and Kevin Barnetche managed to squeeze in two more baskets.

Between the fifth and sixth minute of the quarter, Travon Brown added four points to the Lassen total via two baskets.

Quincy countered with two baskets in the span of 20 seconds.

Will Ashmore scored a basket with 1:06 on the board, but Quincy countered with a three-pointer less than 30 seconds later.

Travis Wood had enough of the back-and-forth nonsense and scored the last basket of the first half with 17 seconds on the clock.

Lassen fans were reintroduced to the talents of the Grizzly drill team and cheer team as the halftime break began.

The drill team donned black outfits with plaid shirts tied around their waists in order to perform a modern dance to keep pep high in the stands.

The cheer team started and ended their performance with a dance. Between the two routines, the girls stunted and left the crowd in awe.

With 46-23 on the board favoring Lassen High, quarter three was set to start.

Martin showed that he had re-energized his groove over the break by shooting another three-pointer one minute into the half.

Del Carlo stormed the court to make a basket with 6:35 on the clock, and Martin came back with a basket of his own at 6:00.

Quincy scored their first two points of the second half with two successful free throws at 4:59.

Del Carlo countered with another basket from his own rebound, bringing the Grizzlies up to a total of 55 points in comparison to Quincy’s 25.

Quincy once again gained two points via free throws, but Martin scored a basket within a 15-second range to keep Quincy from carrying too much confidence.

Quincy reminded the Grizzlies how powerful a Trojan can be, however, and scored a three-pointer with 4:09 remaining of the quarter.

In the next two minutes, Del Carlo made a basket and two points were gained from free throws made by Drake and Barnetche.

Quincy brought out another three-pointer at 2:20.

With 2:01 remaining of the quarter, Emanuel DeFrancesco made a basket. His was closely followed with a Wood basket to boost the Grizzly tally to 65 points.

Quincy scored a good free throw with 55 seconds on the clock, thus hoping to be the last team to gain points in the third quarter.

However, Lively had other plans. With 0.2 seconds on the clock, Spencer shot a good free throw for the purple and gold.

The Trojans started of the final quarter with a good free throw at 7:21.

Brown and Wood scored a basket each in the next 60 seconds, but the four-point gain was eliminated by Quincy’s three-pointer at 6:04 and two good free throws shot at 3:28.

Lively shot a good basket with 2:42 on the clock and called the game good with a total of 72 points under the Grizzly name.

Quincy used the Lassen confidence to their advantage with a free throw shot at 2:31 and a basket made at 1:45.

However, the boost to 46 wouldn’t be enough to secure the gold for the Trojans.

To assure Quincy traveled home without a hint of pride, Lively threw two good free throws in the last minute and thirty seconds of the game.

The game was called with 74-46 on the board.

In addition to the marvelous performance shone by the Grizzlies on Tuesday, the boys in a pre-league tournament held between Thursday, Dec. 1 and Saturday, Dec. 3 also represented Lassen.

The Grizzlies won the first game of the season on Thursday, Dec. 1 against Gridley. The game was close, indeed, as the final score was 61-60 in Grizzly favor.

To balance out for their good luck against Gridley, Lassen received some sour luck for the Friday, Dec. 2 game against Corning.

The Grizzly’s second game of the season ended with a score of 57-44 in favor of the Corning Bobcats.

Game three for the varsity Grizzlies took place on Saturday, Dec. 3 against Durham.

With Lassen warmed up from their first two games, they might have overdone the defeat over Durham. The game was called with a final score of 72-31.

The junior varsity Grizzlies are currently anticipating their first win of the season after their losses at the pre-league tournament. The junior varsity team lost their first game 90-63 against North Valley. They then lost their second game 65-46 against Douglas High School.

The next home game for the Lassen Grizzlies will be held today, Dec. 13.