Lassen High School Daily Bulletin

Student News
Lassen Drama Club
The Lassen High Drama Club presents the musical “The Awesome 80s” Showtimes are 6 p.m. tonight and 1:30 p.m. and tomorrow.

Rotary Interact
Rotary Interact meeting at lunch Monday, NOv. 27 in Room 105. Lunch provided.

Plato/Credit Recovery Students Reminder
Active courses must be completed by Dec. 14. Work is not assigned during Thanksgiving break, so this is a great time to catch up. If you have any questions, see Ms. Vaughan in Room 604 or Nancy in the Library.

Congratulations To Cross Country Runners
Congratulations to senior Brady Johnson and freshmen Kimmie McKernan and Rocklin Albonico for qualifying for the state cross ountry meet. They will be running Saturday, Nov. 25 in Fresno. Good luck to all three of you. You’ve made Lassen proud.

Counseling News
Italian Catholic Federation Scholarship
The Italian Catholic Federation is offering a scholarship to seniors that have a total cumulative GPA (3 1⁄2 years) of at least a 3.2 are Roman Catholic and of Italian descent or have a Roman Catholic parent, guardian, or grandparent but need not be of Italian descent. Come by the counseling office.