The Hayden Hill powerline runs through rugged terrain in Northern Lassen County. Its construction was approved without an Environmental Impact Report on the condition it would be removed when the Hayden Hill Gold Mine, the line’s only customer, closed. File photo

Lassen Municipal Utility District announces decision regarding Hayden Hill

LMUD’s General Manager, Pat Holley, announced that the utility district intends to remove the Hayden Hill transmission line. As part of the announcement, a letter was sent earlier this month to local government officials and community partners.

“As prescribed in the 1991, Hayden Hill Mine Reclamation Plan, LMUD plans to remove the line, with work beginning Oct. 3, 2022,” said Holley.

LMUD has determined that no additional environmental review is required for the line removal.

The Hayden Hill line was purchased from Lassen Gold Mining in 2006. It was originally thought the line could be salvaged and used to provide much needed power to the residents in the area. However, after evaluating the project and the cost associated with leaving the line in place, LMUD has determined that this is no longer a viable option.