Lassen National Forest enforces Homer/Deerheart Lake closure

The Lassen National Forest is enforcing Homer/Deerheart Lake closure effective immediately. The 1992 Lassen National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan, as amended, designated Homer/Deerheart Lake locality as a Special Interest Area The Recreation Opportunity Spectrum map indicates that this SIA is a Semi-Primitive Non-Motorized use area.

Through our past efforts, the LNF has implemented non-ground disturbing closures (using boulders and trees) to prevent motorized vehicles within the SIA. Motorists have removed these closures. The LNF will be placing a metal gate the location where they circumvented the boulder closure. Surveillance cameras that can utilize cellular data will be placed within the gate area so that FS personnel can monitor the closure in real-time.

“The LNF has received complaints from the public who report that there is frequent prohibited use of motorized vehicles within the SIA resulting in natural and cultural resource damage and the irreversible sedimentation of Homer Lake,” said Deb Bumpus, Forest Supervisor, LNF.

The LNF plans to conduct an Environmental Assessment to develop a plan that can effectively prevent the prohibited use of motorized vehicles within the Homer/Deerheart Lake SIA. The federal agency will explore and consider several alternatives. This alternative includes re-contouring and rehabilitating the roads within the SIA and considering whether or not the closure expands to the Greenville Saddle. This scope of work requires a National Environmental Policy Act analysis, State Historic Preservation Officer, and Tribal consultations.               These factors will ultimately determine how the LNF decides to close off this SIA to motorized vehicles effectively.

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